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Lacquer Lighting "AKARI"

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  • This is a stand light using Kishu lacquerware techniques. The light from the light source leaks out with shadows, using traditional Kishu lacquerware techniques such as maki-e and polishing, creating a view like sunlight leaking through a tree.

  • Material: glass, steel

    Technique: blow molding, polishing

    Paint: Urethane paint

    Light Sources Available: LED 2700K / 4.9W

    Applications: Stand light, indirect lighting

    Body size: Diameter approx. 24.6 cm x Height approx. 34.3 cm

    Box size: 31cm x 31cm x 43cm

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【Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail】

Beautiful light leaking out

The scenery that looks like sunlight leaking through trees is expressed by Maki-e on the back of the glass, and the lacquered surface is hand-worked and sharpened like Negoro-nuri (Negoro-nuri). This process allows the light from the light source to leak out warm and beautiful light with shadows.

*Negoro-nuri is a type of Japanese lacquerware painting technique in which a black lacquer undercoat is applied followed by a vermilion lacquer coating.

Reproducing digital design with warmth of handwork

KISHU+ items combine digital manufacturing and machine processing while respecting traditional handicrafts. KISHU+ develops products that are not bound by the framework of lacquerware, using "cutting-edge craftsmanship," an expression that cannot be achieved by handwork alone or industrial production alone.