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We, at KASASAGIDO,  project the thoughts and craftsmanship of our artisans through their products. 


In the midst of a global paradigm shift, the fading values of  "naturality", unique to Japan, are in demand more than ever. To establish and distinguish our individuality as a nation in a globalizing world, we express the “Japanese sense of beauty” through products, spaces, and consumption patterns.

The earlier days of the company were turbulent, 100 letters were sent to get in contact with craftsmen all across Japan only to  have one to respond. Since then, we started visiting workshops all over the country on foot, to meet with the craftsmen face to face.

Today we have grown our partnerships with craftsmen, with the largest number of partnering craftsmen in Japan. Our foundational beliefs are based in the trust and relationships we share with our craftsmen, and our mission is to expand the ideas and values of these craftsmen to a growing audience.

Under the name of Kasasagi  (a bird that is said to spread its wings on Tanabata (July 7th) to bridge over the Milky Way in Japanese mythology) we, at KASASAGI, convey the soul of our craftsmen.