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KAKURA Passport Case

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  • This passport cover makes the most of the qualities of leather in order to enjoy the feel of the material. It is designed to be functional and compact enough to hold not only a passport but also flight tickets, bills, and statements. You can enjoy the charm of leather, which becomes more beautiful with age as you travel and go on business trips together.

  • Size: W133 x H92 x 6 mm (thickness)

    Weight: Approx. 30g

    Material: Cowhide

  • Please note all orders and sale items are final sale, and cannot be returned or exchanged.  We are bettering the fulfillment flow right now. Apologies for the inconvenience.


【Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail】

Maintaining the quality of the material

KAKURA mainly uses natural-finished cowhide that meets eco-friendly standards and brings out the original expression of the leather. We want our customers to enjoy the charm of cowhide, which has a different appearance for each item, so we keep the processing process to a minimum and do not apply a leather backing, so you can feel the texture and lightness of the cowhide. Instead of applying a leather backing, the back side is brushed with glue to prevent it from becoming fluffy.

Waxed yarn for long use

KAKURA sews hand-sewn products firmly with waxed thread to ensure long use. This way, the threads are less likely to fray and can be used for a long time.

How to take care of leather products

KAKURA recommends that leather products made of natural materials be used with care. This is because the luster and texture of leather products are enhanced by the oil from your hands when you touch them daily. However, if the leather has been exposed to water or other factors that may cause it to deteriorate, we recommend that you take care of it a little.

When the surface gets wet

(1) Wipe off the water with a soft, dry cloth.

(2) Dry it slowly in the shade.

(3)When dry, apply leather oil or wax, and wipe well.

The best place for storage is dry and well-ventilated.