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Edo Glass "Mt. Fuji"

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  • Mt. Fuji in your daily life. Each piece of handmade Edo glass stands out for its simplicity and elegance. It won the Grand Prix and the Director-General of the Japan Tourism Agency Award in the Souvenir Grand Prix sponsored by the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. It is recommended as a gift.

    • Dimensions: W 3.6inch(9.2cm) x H 3.7inch(9.5cm)
    • Material: lead-free glass
    • Volume: 9.1oz(270ml)
    • Weight: 0.8lb(350g)
    • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
    • Brand: Edo Glass
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【Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail】


Mold blowing that formed Mt. Fuji

Edo glass is hand blown, pressed, and stretched to form various types of glassware. Fuji rock glass is made using the "mold-blowing" technique, in which the glass is blown and shaped while placed in a mold. The glass must be finished in just a few dozen seconds to obtain a precise shape, so it requires high skill to interact with the glass.


Fuji that changes in your hand.

Fuji is reproduced at 360° as close as possible, even to the Hoei Crater. Fuji is reproduced not only in design but also in design. The beverage's color is reflected on the surface of the mountain, such as red for red wine and brown for whiskey, allowing you to enjoy the various expressions of Mt. Fuji