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IKUTA Leather Backpack

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  • This bag combines design and functionality in a casual atmosphere, with a size that can hold not only A4 documents but also a 13-inch laptop computer, making it widely usable in a variety of situations, and a soft, rounded design that looks small and gives a casual impression. The diagonal zipper across the body is a key design feature, and the main space opens in a flap style, making it easy to see inside and convenient for searching for luggage.

  • Body size: W275 x H350 x D120 mm
    Weight: approx. 1,280 g
    Material: Nubuck leather (Orpheus)

  • Please note all orders and sale items are final sale, and cannot be returned or exchanged.  We are bettering the fulfillment flow right now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

【Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail】

Determination and craftsmanship for school bags

As with the production of school bags, all processes are done by hand, from the cutting of natural leather, no two pieces of which are alike, to the "straining process" to adjust the thickness of the leather and "sewing" by machine or by hand. We will continue to deliver bags with attention to detail through manual work, which is essential for design, ease of use, and strength.

Pit tanning for tougher leather

IKUTA KABAN uses only tanned leather tanned in a pit tank, which is one of the very few tanning processes in Japan. The tanning process, which transforms the leather from skin to leather, plays a role in preventing rotting, and in pit tanning, the leather is slowly soaked in tannin for approximately one month. This process leaves the leather with a natural and firm, thick texture. The long time it takes to produce the leather makes it a leather that can be used for a long time.

Aging like fine wine

Nume leather is a natural leather tanned with vegetable tannins, such as mimosa, using traditional methods. The natural texture and feel of the leather will change over time as it is used, depending on the oils from your hands, care oils, friction, and the sun's rays. Pit tanning is also characterized by containing more oil than Tyco-tanning, making it easy to change over time.


  • The natural finish of this product with almost no surface treatment makes it easily scratched by fingernails and accessories. Shallow scratches will gradually become less noticeable during use, but please be careful if you are concerned about scratches.
  • Please be careful when using this product in the rain or snow, as wetting it with water can cause stains or blisters. We recommend using a waterproof spray before using the product in the rain or snow.
  • Since we place importance on maintaining the natural look of the leather, we do not apply any color fixing treatment to the surface so that the color may fade or shift due to friction, wetting with water, or prolonged contact. The color will become less likely to fade or migrate after repeated use, but please be careful when wearing light or brightly colored clothing.
  • To preserve the natural texture and feel of the leather, we have left the wrinkles and scratches that cows originally had, but these are not cracks or fissures in the leather, so there is no problem with strength.
  • IKUTA KABAN purchases high-quality tanned leather that allows the texture and color to change over time. The more you use it, its color and luster will change.
  • IKUTA Since tanned leather is made by hand by craftsmen, the color of the leather may vary. Also, due to differences in the density of leather fibers and the condition of the raw hides, uneven dyeing may occur even within a single piece of leather. The color may differ even if the same leather color and the same product are ordered at the same time.