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TESH Grater

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  • This grater is an easy-to-use size grater for home use that makes grating daikon radish look different. The grater is hand-made by craftsmen, and its sharpness is a feature of its sharpness. Please use this grater that can be used for a long time and brings out an overwhelmingly delicious taste that is impossible to reproduce.

  • Material: Copper plate, Tin
    Size - L: 125 mm (width) X 210 mm (length) (including handle) Weight: 320 g            - S : Width 66mm x Length 100mm (including handle) Weight: 63 g
    The surface is for grating daikon and the reverse side is for grating condiments.

  • Please note all orders and sale items are final sale, and cannot be returned or exchanged.  We are bettering the fulfillment flow right now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

【Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail】

Sharpness that does not destroy food fibers

Mr. Teshigawara's grater is made entirely by hand, and is characterized by its sharpness and sharpness, which cannot be achieved by a machine. The sharpness of the grater cuts only the fibers of the food, and does not destroy the excess tissue, resulting in a fluffy and smooth finish. The human-made eyes are unevenly aligned, so clogging is less likely to occur, and the food can be grated without hesitation.

Tinned to prevent discoloration and rust

The surface of copper is tinned to prevent oxidation. By carefully heating and tinning each piece one by one, discoloration is prevented, resulting in a highly durable grater. Since it is resistant to oxidation, it does not change the flavor of the food and allows you to taste the goodness of the material itself.

Because it is handmade, it can be used for a long time

If the blade wears out, it can be repaired. To refinish the blade, all of the grain is crushed, tin is applied again, and a new grain is made. When re-me zing, the space between the eyes is left open with a subtle difference so that the eyes can be re-measured in that spot. It is because this is done by hand, not by machine, that a grater that will last a lifetime is born.